Learn The Truth About Desertification In The Next 60 Seconds


Photo by Rick Leckrone on Unsplash

Deserts. Hot air that wipes the condensation clean off any surface. It’s a zone that will whip the butt of anyone underprepared to beat the heat! Not much can survive in this kind of climate and if there is life its there because it has adapted over thousands of years. People don’t belong in this kind of weather, we like water! However, these regions, although they can contract and expand naturally they’re growing in size. I know there are good explanations for this phenomenon and of course, they involve humans!

While we learn in Grade six science the extreme cold temperatures are found at the poles and the heat is nearer to the equator. Science also explains the Poles, mainly the Arctic are warming and the cold winds are scattered from the semi-permanent low-pressure system known as the polar vortex. The warming Arctic may be a sign that we’re losing the balance between hot and cold on Earth and the trend is moving to warmer temperatures! If this happens eventually desertification can become a larger worldwide issue.


Desertification already covers over one-third of land on Earth. To compound the problem the Earth’s population is rising to levels never seen before! Desertification has historically destroyed large Empires such as the Roman and the Grecian Empire. People starved for food and water and large populations dispersed or died away. Evidence shows that the majority of soil degradation happens in densely populated areas. The main reasons are inappropriate land use such as deforestation, grazing livestock, agriculture, and mining.


In one lifetime, we’ve seen a sixty percent loss in species and the loss of half the world’s topsoil. It’s something that has happened relatively quietly and quickly. Sometimes I think it’s like driving down the road and watching an accident happen in slow motion. Our appetite for delicious coffee, tasty food, and cotton t-shirts makes us numb to what we figure we can’t control. Coffee beans, Palm oil, and Cotton are grown in warm arid climates. The farmers lack the education to keep the soil beneath their feet fertile. Instead, once the soil dies, they move on chopping trees along the way. They’re after the rich soils which give them ideal growing conditions.

The Amazon has suffered but, no country is immune. From Canada, Iceland to South America every county in between, do it. Canadians don’t have the political turmoil, and our level of poverty is moderate in comparison to warmer arid climates. We have resources that are still untapped and our climate can get pretty cold.  However, every human need is the same and we’re all takers. We aren’t born with the ability to conserve in the conservatory and we’re taking more than we give back. But, what happens when there is no more to take?

“Idealism is like a castle in the air if it’s not based on a solid foundation of social and political realism.”

Claude Mckay.


If we want to achieve something, then we need to provide those that don’t have the proper background and skill. If we don’t know how then we should spend the energy to get it and give it! In the poorest societies, the struggle is real! They don’t have the money and aren’t educated enough to renew their landscape. That’s simply the case! These high-density areas have hardly any natural resources. This is how it happens but what is the solution?

In addition to Ecologists speaking out, they’re also creating documentaries and addressing the ever-growing problem of desertification. John D. Liu born in Nashville, Tennessee is a world-renowned cameraman and ecologist actively producing a solution. In 2017 he founded the Ecosystem Restoration Camps which is a worldwide movement linked to restoring large scale tracks of degraded land. He believes that the harmful effects from humans have not only caused Greenhouse gases, but also the ruins of biomass, organic matter, and diversity.


Moreover, the Common Land project estimates the world loses over four trillion US dollars a year!! All this money is lost because of overexploitation and building the wrong type of Infrastructure around the world.  The firm is responsible for coordinating partnerships between the Investors, Companies, Entrepreneurs, and farmers or land users. There are four zones that this particular partnership addresses, Social Capital, Financial Capital, Natural Capital and Inspiration for the Future.


First of all, they’re creating the opportunity which allows the local ecosystem a chance to recuperate from thousands of years of abuse. This abuse is caused by the agricultural sector, which relied heavily on the Earth to produce pastures for livestock to graze. It’s the constant pounding of hooves on the ground and the nipping of new growth from hungry mouths. It is difficult to ask millions of people to stop the cycle since it is their livelihood and the only thing they have ever known! Secondly, Common Land establishes a business case between the farmers and their support network to promote a new way of life for the farmers. They promote sustainable farming practices involving planting trees and crops, beneficial to the biodiversity of the area. Consequently, this new way ends livestock herding and gives the men and woman a new way of making a living through sustainable means.


No one knows the importance of security more than the American people. The American political administration understands they’ll be in trouble if they cannot continue to produce economic vitality, growth, and prosperity at home. The administration feels there will be dire consequences if they continue to trade away its prosperity for financial security. In the end, they will end up losing both! With economic stability so comes national security. Furthermore, the Common Land’s goal is to restore social security by promoting order. Part of the plan is educating people, bringing back jobs, business activities and secur each region.


Common Land works with the most brilliant minds, passionate hearts, and skillful hands. They offer commercial, public, private and grant sources at different stages of their projects. They develop a business plan that injects the capital needed to fulfill the goal to create a safe, fertile, and profitable environment for the local population. An investment that will start seeing returns in twenty years.


In conclusion, this organization is bringing back a sense of hope to people that could barely support themselves. People are working hard to stabilize areas of the planet that need help the most. It not only restores hope but also a sense of fulfillment. The people have a renewed role as environmental stewards. What a wonderful opportunity for anyone involved in the process! I wish only good things for this organization and the people surrounding the operation.











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