How To Save Money, Eat Better And Save The Planet.



Seventy years ago the Burger joint created one of the best ideas that made fast food faster. A nutritional study conducted by Cint shows only eight percent of Canadians don’t buy from a fast food restaurant while running around too busy or tired to think of food. I’m sure most people agree the drive thru won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! From Fatty, over processed Burgers to Gourmet Coffee, items are placed on center stage everywhere we go. It really is wonderful! People love to eat meat and beef is inexpensive since and most could eat it every day. The world has about one and a half billion cows and Canada produces 1.3 million tonnes of beef annually. The Cows produce eighteen percent of the Earth’s Carbon Dioxide and Methane which is more than cars, airplanes and other modes of transportation combined. Historically Carbon Dioxide has been the culprit for global warming and the increased levels of this molecule have created a chain effect causing wetlands to release even more gas into the atmosphere. Scientists are monitoring levels calling on people to realize there’s an issue that we won’t be able to stop if we don’t take action now. The Canadian government and governments around the world are taking up the cause and trying different ways to help facilitate recovery. The Carbon Tax is a solution the government believes is the best way to help reduce the number of gas emissions. By 2020 they’ll charge each family six hundred dollars every year in British Columbia. How do we know that this will help lower emissions? If it doesn’t then how much more will they charge before it makes a difference? Some experts suggest fifty dollars per tonne isn’t enough and the cost could very well double before we see a significant difference in carbon dioxide emissions. Since the introduction of the tax in 2007, there has been a glimmer of hope it’s working. B.C. has reduced emissions by 4.7% even though the gross domestic product has increased by 17%! The Canadian Government announced recently as of April 2019 the Carbon Tax will be introduced to the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.  It’s a necessary step because twelve years since B.C. first introduced the carbon tax emissions across the globe have risen and protests have begun. One schoolgirl by the name Greta Thunberg has become the inspiration for 52,000 children. She has inspired them to picket every Friday creating a school strike phenomenon in Switzerland and across Germany. They’re saying our leaders are not doing enough to prevent climate change and we have the power within ourselves to make a greater change. My suggestion to those interested in supporting our way of life and continuing with the same standards is simply instead of eating a burger, skip it, think about healthier food options. We can reduce our carbon footprint faster by making informed choices. If we can slow global warming than we will be spared, drought, severe weather patterns, flooding, extinction of species and the Carbon tax. There are so many good reasons to pick another option other than beef in the drive-thru, pack a snack or prepare a plant-based protein meal replacement shake for the road! I absolutely love the Vanilla Flavour Vega Protein Powder. It has 20 grams of protein per serving and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and leafy greens. “>Vega Essentials Nutritional Meal Replacement

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