The First Steps To Blogging: How A Novice Writer Can Spread The Word.

green-chameleon-21532-unsplashThe process of creativity is fleeting and can be gone in an instant! So write it down…quickly!  Writing is utilitarian if not creative usually an email or a text to a Client, Colleague, Family Friend or significant other. Maybe I’ve started the writing process because of turning forty and midlife is creeping in or maybe it’s because my son is helping me see life differently. It’s probably a combination of both. I’m drawn to those that write with some creativity and passion and the best way to start blogging is to find yourself a Mentor. The first and only blogger I’d ever subscribed to was Billy Crow’s “Crows-en-Provence”. He and his family of four took a year-long sabbatical from their life in Vancouver to live in the little town of Provence, France. I looked forward to reading each witty post describing the differences between living in Canada and France. You can find this blog on his website and he is now writing a book called Saved by Provence. He taught me blogs don’t have to be serious, news related, or a self-serving excerpt with no soul. It can be fun, light-hearted and show humanity on a fundamental level. A Blog is a fantastic outlet for people to share thoughts that would normally not be written or communicated on a regular basis. There are thirty-one million bloggers in the U.S.A alone and the Internet is booming with opinions. The Flipboard App is chalked full of Blog Writers often convincing readers with catchy headlines like six steps to a better life, Mom saver recipes for every holiday or how I made $2000 using this website I found! The Flipboard app is one of my favorite news outlets because it allows readers to scour internet articles customized to any interest using keywords that match your criteria. Bloggers also love Pinterest!! Who knew while surfing for nice clothes, crafts, and floor plans they’d been communicating with me and other like-minded individuals using their pretty photos to link me to their websites! It’s their business to find out what we want to know, how to get us involved, and what we like to buy, read, or do as a hobby. Needless to say, I’ve opened up shop with the same lovely name Perfect Cents! The Pinterest company emails its subscribers pins they think will interest their customers based on the latest activity. So for those of us that don’t have an email list of people who subscribe to our blogs then this can be a helpful kickstart! I create “Pins” on a free site called, save the photo to my computer, upload the Pin to my Pinterest business account and add a custom link to this blog post.

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